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Clubhouse is a house-hunting application that encourages collaboration and creates an all-in-one platform for an easier real-estate experience. It allows combined party searches, note-taking, and home ranking all in one space. 
The Process
The Dialexa EDU program is an opportunity for a select group of students to work with several Dialexan mentors and become introduced to Dialexa’s problem-solving methodologies, research, and design techniques. Throughout an eight-week program each spring semester, we were given the opportunity to collaborate directly with one another and Dialexan mentors, conceptualizing a digital product to solve a real-world problem within our local Dallas-Ft. Worth community.
We were given a prompt based on a current issue within the community and then tasked with working through several different research tasks, such as market research, persona panel interviews, empathy mapping, and feature prioritization. 
The Background: With the vast number of employees working from home at least once per week, today’s work environment looks far different than a few years ago. As transplants move and make Dallas their home, deciding on housing presents new challenges. From home offices, co-working spaces, and proximity to the office, both locals and newcomers must carry these considerations as they settle into the new age of work.
The Prompt: In Dallas’ melting pot community of both locals and transplants, how might we connect folks to housing and co-working opportunities that correspond with broader work arrangements and lifestyles.
The persona panel gave clear insight into real problems within the housing market and which should be given more priority than others. For example, the main result of our interview process was that a major issue during this time of remote/hybrid work environments is the collaboration abilities on popular house-hunting platforms. Both personas were looking to relocate with another individual, which meant sharing locations and links via text message and having to use separate platforms to keep track of favorite locations and notes. 
Several different workshops and brain-storming sessions were utilized to further examine the problem at hand and how to find the best solution for the user. This included empathy mapping, quick sketches of screen designs and user flows (Crazy Eights), and "how might we?" questions to think outside of the box and explore a wide range of solutions. 
The Final Product
The Team

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